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Le Père-Lachaise :

Père-Lachaise cemetery is the biggest graveyard in the city of Paris and one of the most famous in the world. Located a short walk from the Hotel Palma, many celebrities are buried there. It receives over three-and-a-half million visitors a year, making it the most visited cemetery in the world.


Theatres in the 20th arrondissement

The 20th arrondissement has the most theatres of any area in Paris

They cover every style, register and theme, making them an important and diverse cultural treasure.


Concert venues in the 20th arrondissement

We wanted to tell you about the famous concert venues near us, because we often work with them to provide accommodation for the many musicians who play there.


  • La Maroquinerie,

Taken over in 2003 by Le Jardin Imparfait, La Maroquinerie has provided a venue for all kinds of independent music in Paris for nearly 15 years now. With a restaurant adored by gourmets and an outdoor terrace that’s a great place to start the evening, La Maroquinerie is a place of community life, interaction and togetherness. The concert hall has room for 495 people, arranged in a semi-circle on several floors. It provides musical experiences up close to the artists, for a total immersion in their world.


  • La Bellevilloise

Since 2005, Renaud Barillet, Fabrice Martinez and Philippe Jupin, a trio of movers and shakers from a live performance, production and media background, opened this historically important and fondly remembered Paris venue to Parisians once more, with a major project: to rekindle the spirit of La Bellevilloise by creating a big independent venue for artistic activities and events open to the public, businesses and the media, unique in Paris.


  • Studio de l’Ermitage

At the turn of the last century, this was the site of the Brun biscuit factory. The venue of today has preserved the raw beauty of this industrial past, with a ground floor covering 200 m² and a 100 m² mezzanine running along three sides of the space. The Studio de l’Ermitage became a concert hall in the early 2000s.

This is a complete venue with a music policy favouring Jazz and World Music. It’s a very busy establishment, hosting over 5 concerts a week, all year round. The luxurious bar inside the concert hall is an unusual little touch, allowing spectators to enjoy the show with a drink in hand…